bond1 [bänd]
[ME bond, band: see BAND1]
1. anything that binds, fastens, or restrains
2. [pl.]
a) fetters; shackles
b) Archaic imprisonment; captivity
a) a binding or uniting force; tie; link [the bonds of friendship]
b) a fastening or adhesion, as by glue, solder, etc.
4. a binding agreement; covenant
5. a duty or obligation imposed by a contract, promise, etc.
6. a substance or device, as glue, solder, or a chain, which holds things together or unites them
8. Chem.
a) a unit of combining capacity equivalent to one atom of hydrogen: represented in structural formulas by a dash or dot
b) an electrostatic attraction between atoms or groups of atoms that forms a stable aggregate unit, such as a molecule or metal
9. Commerce
a) an agreement by an agency holding taxable or dutiable goods that taxes or duties on them will be paid before they are sold
b) the condition of goods kept in a warehouse until taxes or duties are paid
c) an insurance contract by which a bonding agency guarantees payment of a specified sum to the payee in the event of a financial loss caused as by the act of a specified employee or by some contingency over which the payee has no control
10. Finance an interest-bearing certificate issued by a government or business, promising to pay the holder a specified sum on a specified date: it is a common means of raising capital funds
11. Law
a) a written obligation to pay specified sums, or to do or not do specified things
b) an amount paid as surety or bail
c) Archaic a bondsman, or surety
12. Masonry the way in which bricks, stones, etc. are lapped upon one another in building
1. to connect or fasten with or as with a bond; bind
2. to furnish a bond, or bail, and thus become a surety for (someone)
3. to place or hold (goods) in or under bond
4. to issue interest-bearing certificates on
5. to put under bonded debt
6. to arrange (timbers, bricks, etc.) in a pattern that gives strength
to connect, hold together, or solidify by or as by a bond
bottled in bond
stored in bonded warehouses for a stated length of time before being bottled, as some whiskey
bond2 [bänd]
[ME bonde < OE bonda: see BONDAGE]
Obs. a serf or slave
Obs. in serfdom or slavery

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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